GPS products from Navigon

Franklin, Massachusetts 1 comment

Navigon decided they are now a software only company.They make a GPS program for the iPhone.

In the process they are basically saying *** You to all who bought their GPS systems. Software and map upgrades are simple no longer available. Don't buy any Navigon GPS system if you are expecting any kind of customer service. If you enjoy getting screwed, by all means go ahead.

The Software they provide for updating map data does not work on the Mac. It does not recognize the unit I have (7200T).

If you try to get some kind of assistance, there is none to be had.

Review about: Gps Program.



This first poster is correct.Those that purchased a Navigon GPS (me included) are screwed for map updates.

The ones who purchased lifetime updates have also been ripped off.

Navigon is/was a German company.Avoid at all costs.

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